Only inform us, and thank you for getting a Ratio customer!

Only inform us, and thank you for getting a Ratio customer!

Only inform us, and thank you for getting a Ratio customer!

This positively wona€™t be my personal finally purchase with proportion, and since acquiring my earliest clothing, Ia€™m passionate to see that theya€™ve included many brand-new material possibilities. I look forward to whata€™s to come to proportion garments.

Chino Pons and Grupo IrA©k

Posted: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 18:15:00 -0400

Around five years back, I very first satisfied Chino, Eddie, Hensy, and Tosso once they comprise part of a traditional Cuban group named Conjunto Guantanamo. They done frequently at certainly one of my favorite pubs near might work in DUMBO.

Chino and I turned into friends soon after, giving myself strategies for sets from the clave, to western Village pizza pie joints and jam meeting, to pursuing refuge during penniless occasions in New york Bridge (some suggestions a lot more useful than others, but all remarkable). And by exposing me to brand new Yorka€™s wonderful Latin tunes scene, he aided pry start an urgent chapter of my entire life: as a passably decent amateur artist. During my craziest instances, I pulled my personal violin completely normally as five nights per week with multiple Cuban and salsa bands into the city and found a lot of awesome artists and performers, before fatigue swept up beside me and I recognized I couldna€™t do that any longer while We however have just about every day tasks.

A great vocalist and amazing dancer from Cuba, he now leads their friends in a group named Grupo IrA©k, which for many years is now offering done Saturday nights in Carroll Gardens at a cafe or restaurant known as Pane age Vino. Ita€™s a fantastic nights audio that attracts most awesome performers, and I also highly recommend it should youa€™re in the region and looking for one thing to create on Saturday-night.

Performing a blend of originals, traditional Salsa records from the loves of HA©ctor Lavoe and RA?ben Blades, and Buena Vista public pub specifications, in addition they gig at the increase growth space near the top of the almost impossibly swanky requirement Hotel (Hensy, the bassist, recounted one visitor getting straight down $4,000 in one package of champagne), and chic Thoma€™s pub in SoHo. We havena€™t viewed all of them carry out at either of the spot, but In my opinion Grupo IrA©k is at their finest with smooth-moving dancers answering a floor facing them, and not once the background music to exclusive martini drinking (though, Ia€™d wager the second will pay best).

I recall one gig Jewish dating review maybe four years back at the Upper East Side pub Session 73 at among their unique Monday Salsa evenings. The group was actually filled out making use of incomparable trombonist Reut Regev, and a pianist, with scarcely enough space for me personally located behind the sound-board to stand and await a solo, seeing one hundred exceptional, exemplary dancers go like Ia€™d not witnessed prior to. But the coro attained its end, the group moved right back, and I also gulped and moved forward. Terrifying, enjoyable, exhilarating, and memorable.

Incidentally, years later on, they seem better than ever before. Kindly go check them out, because they’re awesome!

Futzing Round with Symbol Fonts and SVG

Uploaded: Tue, 12 Jun 2012 17:50:00 -0400

Vector illustrations or photos are superb. They are entitled to more of someplace on websites online than they see a€” definitely compared to their unique rasterized cousins. No place is it more genuine than with symbol UI. I decided to drop my toes into two major methods to getting vectors to webpages: icon fonts, and SVG.

We wona€™t go extreme into information on either icon fonts or SVG, the previous which has actually observed great coverage by likes of CSS-Tricks and website design company Depot, plus the latter which was a web traditional since 2001. Ia€™ll review aided by the normal wins of vector artwork: they’ve been scalable and styleable, unlike raster images which need to be replicated for each condition whether ita€™s a color or size modification or both.

Utilizing Icon Fonts

Ia€™m utilizing icon fonts for some UI in my own footer a€” the links to my feed, my Twitter page, and my personal Github repository for this blogs. There were some usage cases that made icon fonts a great fit: specifically, i desired to look at these with CSS-driven text-shadows and transitions , similar to my plain-text hyperlinks. CSS is a terrifically convenient level from which to create font icons.

The custom font Ia€™m using comes courtesy of the awesome Keyamoona€™s IcoMoon, which provides 300 free icons, and 622+ icons at the bargain price of $35. You can even transfer custom SVG icons, if not one of the complimentary your become functional, and you can clearly map your icons to Unicode characters. We leave IcoMoon decide the mappings for me, and very quickly enough had a perfectly functional heap of web fonts many great CSS design descriptions for using all of them, much like the result of Font Squirrela€™s Font-Face creator. Usually, we put IcoMoona€™s generated CSS with couple of customizations. It creates some good sessions using :before pseudo-elements:

Some Gotchas

Any time youa€™re super anal about pixel brilliance, then chances are you probably should keep vectors behind now and go back to your own Photoshops. However if youa€™re nonetheless curious, a couple of things to remember.

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